Michelle Meijs, Jamaican born - resides in Curacao since 1990. As a self taught artist, I learnt through trial and errors, how to create more realistic images, and todate I go towards creating mixed media, surrealism, and conceptual designs. I make art because I am driven to create it. Art records images and expresses feelings and imagination. Art to me, is an avenue for expressing what wishes to be released from the higher consciousness. My artwork is a response to states of emotions experienced through certain situations, a sudden premonition, or from dreams that use metaphors and symbolism to represent meaningful messages. The ideas from the subconscious are a great source of inspiration, and this is where the originality of my art comes from. First comes the idea to mind, then the idea is expressed initially as a sketch on paper using pencils. The sketch then goes through stages which involves lots of erasing and doing over until it reaches the stage of what I wanted to express. It is then scanned to begin the colouring process. The traditional painting technique such as watercolors and oils, are applied using graphic tools by means of a digitizing tablet, graphic pens, and paint software. The final completed image is then transfered to a special photographic paper with archival inks, or through the Giclee process, which is the spraying of coloured inks on canvas - Image Copyright © michelle meijs Official Website: http://www.thenightvisions.net


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